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Ram Gopal Varma New Idea About Film Distribution

This is the official press note sent by RGV about his upcoming film Tension!
We are putting our new film ‘Tension’ to auction" – RGV 
Yes, myself and Manchu Vishnu are coming together to create a revolutionary path in film distribution of Tollywood. This is through our latest action/crime thriller ‘Tension’ made under the banner of Mohan Babu Corporation. The principal cast involves Manchu Vishnu, Tejaswi, Revathi, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam, Madhu Shalini, Supreet, Shravan and others.
As per current process or tradition, the producer shows the trailer of the film to the buyers of areas like Ceded, East, West, Nizam and other areas. Based on the feel of the trailer, the track record of the makers, the cast and crew credentials, the expectations of the audience, the buyers quote a price to the producer. If he is comfortable with it the deal happens else he would to release the film on his own as per his strength.
Now, my concept of auction distribution comes from the conviction that cinema is a commercial product and it must be sold to the maximum people. However, a commercial product can be quantified on certain parameters but not cinema. This is linked to human emotions, mindset and sensitivities. This changes from person to person.
Some of my films worked and some didn’t. My objective has been to come up with something unique and new each time I make a film but predicting whether the audience will like it or not is impossible. But if it was not about entertaining the viewer for two or more hours, then why would I or any other director slog for six months to one year. My career’s biggest budget flick was ‘Daud’. It had big names like Sanjay Dutt, Urmila Matondkar in the lead with music by A R Rahman but it bombed. After that, I made a low budget flick with least production values and that too with faces which were seen sweaty in front of camera, it was ‘Sathya’ and that became a big hit. Putting my case aside, we have often noticed that a small budget movie like ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ ends up making higher collections than a big star’s film.
Based on these factors, I have concluded that we can never decipher why audience likes or dislikes a film. Also, we cannot predict the range of success for a film. From these came my thought that instead of relying on two or three buyers who assume they can judge the fate of a film, ‘Tension’ must be taken to everyone in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and involve them in the business by doing their own calculations.
For instance, instead of some buyer sitting somewhere in Bheemavaram or West Godavari deciding how the film will run in Palakollu, a resident of Palakollu can decide the rate. This is because since he is a local, he has better awareness on the area, audience pulse. The same logic applies to hundreds of centers like Ongole, Karimnagar, Rajamundry etc.
Akin to that, our film ‘Tension’ can be bought by a bunch of students in Guntur who can pool in some money or few ladies can take a decision in a kitty party at Vizag and buy it. Or it could just be two friends in a software company in Hyderabad or a group of auto drivers in Vijayawada. My point is, anyone from anywhere can buy ‘Tension’ and enter the cinema business.
All commercial details such as trailer, rate for each center would be provided in the website which would be launched at 9 am on August 1st. A communication channel between the production house and the buyers would be created. Like any other auction system, a base rate will be given for each center. To identify the highest bidder, a 7 day window is provided in the online counter from the date of announcement i.e. from 1st August 9 am to 7th August 6 pm. And anyone can take part in the auction during this time frame. The highest bidder would be announced as the buyer for that center after the deadline is over. The other details about this are provided in the website.
Those who win the auction will have the right to release their film forever in their respective center. For example, if our base rate is Rs 50 and the highest bidder takes it for Rs 70, after all expenses gone if the buyer gets only Rs 50 or Rs 60 then he/she would incur a loss of Rs 10 or Rs 20. But if the film makes Rs 90 or Rs 100 or Rs 120 then the proportionate profit belongs to the buyer. The film’s producers will book the theatre, arrange for the digital prints and also do the required promotion and publicity. The collections from the theatres would be deposited into the bank accounts of the buyers in a transparent method.
The most important point to be noted in this is more than the risk for a buyer, it is the time spent by the producer and director which is much more risky. So we would do our best to come up with top quality films. Any other queries you have, you can email us on and we will reply.
As a buyer, what you need to remember is the release date, publicity strategy, number of theatres and which theatres will rest entirely on the producer’s discretion. The reason being, he is responsible for protecting the cinema in an overall viewpoint across both states.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Ram Gopal Varma.

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