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After quite long wait Tollywood gets a treasure called "Nidhhi"

Monday 5 November 2018 / No Comments
Yes, that is non-other than Nidhhi Agerwal. Nidhhi’s first movie is Bollywood Movie Munna Michael with Tiger shroff. Now she has stepped into tollywood in "Savyasachi" Movie with Naga Chaithanya. Nidhhi had mesmerized the Telugu people with her acting and incomparable Beauty. SHE has given her 100% in the movie and her dances transfix the people eye. Now everyone who has seen the movie "Savyasachi" utterly say that she would be the next tollywood trend setter and Star heroine for a decade. Nidhhi’s unique style of acting made stand against a thick competition in Bollywood and tollywood.

In the same way her fans all over hoping to see her in top line with top heroes in front line. As she is holding a handful of opportunities made it clear that is no far from the milestone which her fans are look at. Nidhhi also told in many interviews that she wants to work with her dream director Rajamouli. She is anyway working in Mr Majnu Movie with Akhil Akkineni. So if everything goes well with Nidhhi  Agerwal we can see a All rounder, Glamorous and sparking girl in tollywood.

Thoughts On Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No150 | Boss Is Back | by Rayarao Sriram

Friday 13 January 2017 / No Comments

I know I'm already late, but here I'm writing down my thoughts on Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Khaidi No 150. Usually, I write this on the day one itself but I am late and finally here's my first on this year and starting off with Boss' film.

Khaidi No 150 - An official remake of Tamil Blockbuster Kaththi

Since the time, the remake announcement was made, many people expressed their opinions about the film's end result. I am somehow sure that Khaidi No 150 will become a big hit with everyone associated with the project is an expert in making Successful Commercial Cinema. And it has come true too! So, here are my thoughts on the film.

Let me start it with Mega Star Chiranjeevi! The man who kept every genuine movie lover waiting for almost a decade is back with a bang. Chiranjeevi worked very hard and he was successful in making all of us believe that he is not 61 and age is just a number. At the age of 61. the commitment and dedication he showed in playing the dual roles of the film is highly commendable. As Kaththi Seenu and K Shankar, Chiranjeevi is excellent on screen. While I liked Kaththi Seenu in parts, I fell in love with K Shankar character. As VV Vinayak said, Chiranjeevi is looking much younger and handsome than what he was a decade back, I found it to be an accurate statement. Whatte Screen Presence and What a performance he has brought in to entertain the audiences. Excellent Stuff!

Honestly writing, I failed to see any strong character in the film. Both Kaththi Seenu and K Shankar appeared normal. The transformation of Kaththi Seenu is convincing, but there is hardly any Kaththi Seenu left in the movie as most of the time we can see Chiranjeevi as K Shankar alone! The behaviour or the character of Kaththi Seenu was not established correctly as we can see no big differences between both the characters and they behave in a similar manner while delivering dialogues or while being emotional. This might go well when both of them are twins, but when they are two different persons, I expect two separate shades and two different variations for the character. Though both Kaththi Seenu and K Shankar finally come closer in behaviour, in the end, they should at least show some difference in character behaviours from the beginning. I felt it that way.!

From the beginning, I was sure that the female lead in the film would be just another character who would get the scope to dance in songs and smile (sometimes cry) in scenes. There is really nothing significant to mention that Kajal did well in the film, but the fact is that she looked beautiful and added glamour to the screen. The main antagonist Tarun Arora appeared expressionless to me! VV Vinayak said that Tarun has got a fresh face and that is the reason he cast the actor in the film. But the director failed to look at the dubbing aspect for this villain. That routine voice for the villain brought no freshness to the character. I felt young actors like Nandoo, Aadi Pinisetty or any other Telugu actor would have given an opportunity for the villain role which might have brought complete freshness to the character. Or, the makers would have at least made an experiment with dubbing for the villain like they added Hema Chandra voice for Aravind Swamy in Dhruva. This Tarun Arora never actually looked powerful or scary in the film, and I always knew that he is going to lose in the hands of our commercial hero.

I watched Kaththi long back before this remake announcement was made. Almost, Vinayak has followed the original and executed the same for the Telugu version. There are not really any significant changes for the Telugu version. Even that would sometimes help for becoming a big hit. While everyone has doubt that why these people chose a remake, Vinayak in a recent interview answered in a single line. "We want a HIT." There are no other reasons to remake Kaththi, and they are sure that they want a HIT. The first half an hour of the film Khaidi No150 is pretty average as it progressed as per the super successful Telugu commercial film formula. After that, when K Shankar entered the screen, it is completely a different movie. The way that particular part was executed and the way Chiranjeevi performed is outstanding! I wish there were no breaks (unnecessary and forced comedy track which hardly made me laugh) in the film's emotional flow. The fights and songs are also a part of the formula which was taken extra care for the fans. Chiranjeevi is fab in all the songs dancing like a young guy. I am sure many young guys would also fail to match him who is 61. What a grace Bossuuu!!! The songs in the second half are really like speed breakers but even before I could tell this to me, Chiranjeevi's presence on screen made me forget that complaint.

Technically, the film is grand! The writing is Decent. The cinematography is excellent. DSP's background score reminded me of Anirudh's in Kaththi. I wish DSP either tried something new or copied Anirudh's. The film unit of Khaidi No 150 played a very safe game by not doing any experiments. But they could have done some experiment to make Khaidi No 150 an excellent film when compared to the original. To keep it simple, I 'liked' the film except for that boring comedy track.

Chiranjeeeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. Bossuuuuuuuuu, U r Backkuuuuuuuuuuuu


Now, I sincerely wish that Chiranjeevi start playing the roles of his age. 150 films. Numerous Blockbusters and Many Super Hits. Chiranjeevi did all that he could do and achieved Mega Star Position in the film industry. There is nothing that he can prove now. So, I request him to start doing content/subject driven subjects more from now. That would be really great!

What If Chiranjeevi appears in a role like this? Chiranjeevi being a part of a honest and realistic story as a character!! I wish that happen..

Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi like this!!! ↓↓ #VeryNatural #NoArtificial

Catch me @ &

Ram Charan's Bruce Lee Review By Rayarao Sriram

Friday 16 October 2015 / 16 Comments
Before I start my review on Bruce Lee The Fighter, let me narrate a story to all of you.

"There is a hero who is a very good boy! He does anything if he wanted to. One fine day, incidentally he falls in love with heroine. Now, there will always be a powerful villain in the story and our hero who is not only a good boy but also clever boy plans to take revenge on the villain. Sometimes, it is for his family and sometimes it is for his lover. But the reason behind mentioning him as clever is, he takes revenge by entering the villain compound with some fake identity and takes help from a fool to destroy the kingdom of villain and finally they will fight with each other and in the end, all the problems are solved."

Please don't tell me that you have witnessed this story for so many times on screen because I am also on the list!

Now, coming to the review of Bruce Lee.. The story is almost similar to the one I wrote in the beginning. Sreenu Vaitla, the director of the film has been following the same format from many years and we are still watching them. Before the release of the film., Sreenu Vaitla told to media that he has changed his style of making and he will be making a completely new and fresh film this time. he also added that he is upset that the commercial format introduced by him has been used by so many directors which failed for his with Aagadu. So, I completely believed that Sreenu vaitla has changed his making style and entered the theatre!

Coming back to the story, hero is a stunt man. We may get a doubt in films that how an ordinary person fights with goons and all other stronger people than him. To avoid that, the makers have convinced us in the film that Charan is a stunt man because a stunt man can take any kind of risk. Usually Sreenu vaitla films will always have high entertainment and it is his stronger zone and the writers duo Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan successfully helped him to grow as a director. This trio made many blockbusters in the film industry and we really got bored watching these routine films back to back but it looks like they did not arrive to a point of feeling bored.

This stunt man was born in a middle class family and his father is unable to provide good education for both his kids and our stunt man who was nicknamed Bruce Lee makes a sacrifice and allow her sister to enjoy good and quality education. He loves his sister a lot and is always ready to do anything for her. Now, here enters the heroine in the story! I am also the one who has Rakul Preet in my list for why you should watch Bruce Lee. Rakul Preet, the gorgeous talented beauty is really wasted in a meaning less role! I dont understand why the heroine was shown as a hyper active girl who just lands herself in danger situations hoping that the hero would come and save her at any cost and at any point of time. Even imagination doesnt look good for this and the reality is completely missing and this is one point why Sreenu vaitla films are slowly becoming a fear to watch! The characters he created in Anandam, Sontham in his career beginning are completely different to those he is designing these days. If Rakul Preet accepts the similar kind of roles like Ria thinking that she would get some fame and name as she is acting in one of the prestigious projects alongside a star hero, very soon her career will come to an end and she will lose the respect she has earned so far! And still I love Rakul :P

Now, the stunt man unexpectedly lands in a situation where the heroine assumes him to be cop and the stunt man tries his best to manage that he is a cop and in the process the way he manages the same kills some time in the first half without narrating anything! Some boring stuff to be experienced. Then enters the villain and accidentally he creates a problem for Bruce Lee's sister. Call it a co-incidence now, the villain starts the rivalry with hero because of heroine and at the same time because of the problem he creates for Kriti (played Charan's sister). The game starts now and this is the interval bang! There is a twist here and the stunt man realizes that there is another villain he has to face now!

The second half is all about how he manages to face the another villain in the story and how he tries to destroy him step by step. There is no story here as well but the time passes with songs in between. Finally, the hero enters the villain compound in the name of some job and uses Brahmanandam (Suziki in this film) and slowly completes his mission! So, this is the story and I tried to present the same routine thing in the new way to the maximum possible extent. How boring this is?!

But I also seriously have a question I dont know whom to ask that!! Does Telugu film audiences look like fools to some film makers? Because, there are several scenes in many films these days that has nothing but some crap. In the name of bringing laughs and naming it entertainment, makers are trying to write some senseless, meaningless, irritating logic less scenes that directly or indirectly prove that the people who are watching it are fools! Yeah, a fool and I'm also a part of that as I am watching!! Cant help though! So, I seriously wish that the writers should stop writing these and start trying something innovative to bring healthy laughs. Also I seriously wish atleast they realize that what are they doing in the name of bringing laughs!

Now, let us talk about the performances, Ram Charan, the lead actor has given his best for the role he played and there is improvement in his performance when compared to his previous films and let us hope that he gains more improvement with the future films too. Also, dances alone cant make an artist a good actor. The dances and fights are some extra talents and ultimately it is the performance and making audiences believe that they are watching some X person and not Ram Charan on the screen that makes him a good actor and I am waiting for the day when Ram Charan turns a good actor from a hero! I wish it happens soon :) Rakul preet, as we discussed above, she should take care in choosing roles and coming to this film, she is good and she is a good dancer as well! Kriti karbandha is nice in her role. Rao Ramesh is excellent and the scenes between Ram Charan and Rao Ramesh are good. Needless to say that brahmanandam failed again! No hit for this star comedian this year! Arun Vijay, the new baddie of TFI failed to impress. His character is not so strong and Sampath Raj is ok in his role. The one thing we commonly see in Sreenu Vaitla films is the strong antagonist role transforms into a comic role in the second half and the impact is completely lost. Sometimes it might work but many times it wont! rest of the actors are ok in their roles.

The music composed by Thaman S is good and The background score by Thaman SS enhances the mood very well. Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography has helped the film to look grand and he played a key role in making the film in less working days. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan who are said to be the star writer duo and who are known for writing entertaining and successful screenplays have failed with this film. The old and routine story is treated in a regular manner. It looks like the mixture of Dookudu and Baadshah. Sreenu Vaitla should realize that people are bored of the routine stuff and are expecting a neat entertainer from him. He is habituated to this comfortable film making where he need not worry about the freshness. It is killing a good film maker in him and unless he recognizes that, he can not make a good film. The same is the case with Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan. After Dookudu, when the director made Baadshah, the audiences accepted it with kind heart but they seriously rejected Aagadu and showed their stand strongly and the director said he realized it. But it is already confirmed that the audiences are not in a state to watch and encourage this kind of films. A serious and sincere change is expected from these film makers.

And yes #BossIsBack. Mega Star Chiranjeevi is back on screen after a long time. His 4 minutes cameo is a full meals. The director who failed to entertain us for almost 151 minutes in the film finally succeeded in the last 4 minutes by bringing Mega Star on to the screen. It is a feast to watch and what en entry! He might be feeling bad now for leaving all this stardom and staying away from films all these days but let us hope that he realized it. And Boss Is Back with a bang and it is completely worth the waiting. The teaser is just out and we must wait few more days for seeing him back in action in a full fledged way. Thanks to Megastar for making us (me! ;) ) come out of the theatres with a smile on face and satisfaction inside. And except for this 4 minutes, there is nothing interesting or exciting about Bruce Lee.

There is a dialogue in the film said by Jayaprakash Reddy.. It goes like
"Veedi Katha Lo Content Ledu Kani, Climax Lo Anni Kavali"

Sad to say that it is so apt for the film..

Wishing that Sreenu vaitla would come back with a good film and re-discovers himself to make more and more meaningful films in the future.

With respect on Films, Film Making and Film Makers, this is my review on Bruce Lee The Fighter

- Rayarao Sriram -

Gopala Gopala Movie Review

Saturday 10 January 2015 / 7 Comments
Read my complete review @ @ @ Gopala Gopala Complete Review

My complete review of Gopala Gopala ------>>>> Gopala Gopala Review

We have seen films like Oh My God and PK which questions the existence of God and which tried to educate the public on the blind beliefs in the society. Gopala Gopala is not an exemption from this. The film has Venkatesh who can perform any kind of roles with ease and Pawan kalyan who can pull crowds to theatres with his charisma. Venkatesh has started experimenting with roles rather than going with a commercial format and Gopal Rao is one good role played by Venkatesh. He is very good as a person who had no belief in God and praying idles of god. Pawan Kalyan as Lord Krishna is cool and his dialogues added as glamor to his screen presence.

The trend of PRAASA DIALOGUES has come and it’s a challenging task to pen dialogues for this kind of subject because there might come several objections later on. But Sai Madhav Burra penned dialogues in a meaningful manner and also a thought provoking way. Especially, the dialogues delivered by Pawan kalyan about Humanity, Holy Books and Religions are simple but powerful. The better and the best part of the film one talks about from the film are dialogues. You really understand who the God is after watching the film. The characterization of Gopal rao is so good that you really connect with him and you start imagining yourself in the role and questions what Act Of God is.
The story is taken from the original and the screenplay is written by director Dolly himself. But the court scenes are the highlights for this subject but actually they were not executed well. The court scenes did not come in an effective manner. They failed to move us! Moreover several scenes which needed proper execution have failed in a way that we could not connect to them in the way they are designed to. The production values of the film seem dull and average. The naturality is missing in the movie. The first half seemed artificial. The characters and the sets looked artificial and the original soul has been missing. The film takes pace with the entry of Pawan kalyan.

The end result of the film will be good finally. But if not it is Pawan kalyan, the film might be limited to a strict average film. The presence of Pawan Kalyan will not only help the makers in pulling crowds but also for a strong and stable run. The song Bhaje Bhaje will be an eye feast for all the fans. The music composed by Anup Rubens is very good and all the four songs came out really well. Anup also gave Background music in an excellent manner. BGM elevated the scenes. The cinematography of the film is good. The editing is not impressive. There are lags in the screenplay and editing could have been sharper for a good flow. Technically, the film is grand. Everyone worked hard for the better output.

Finally, there is a good message from the film. God has created us and gave freedom to think. Using it in a good and advantageous manner is the real way to reach the god. The film also educated on blind beliefs in the society. Finally, the year 2015 has started with a good hit. The openings are expected to be grand as two big stars teamed up for the first time. Sankranthi is complete with a family entertainer like Gopala Gopala. Gopala Gopala is definitely one film that cannot be missed.

Jenny Honey Confirms Her Feature Film Debut

Friday 2 January 2015 / No Comments
Day by day, short film makers are coming up with some brilliant subjects to impress the viewers as well as the producers and directors of Telugu Film Industry. Many writers, producers and directors have started exploring YouTube to discover new talents. The first thing directors do when they get free time is to watch short films and they are offering several opportunities! Sujeeth, Pawan Sadineni, Merlapaka Gandhi entered film industry through short films. Few actors also tested their luck.

Now, well known short film actress Jenny Honey is making her entry into Feature Films. The shooting for her debut film already started and the first schedule has been wrapped up. Jenny Honey, a native of Vizag city started her career as a model. She bagged several awards in Modelling and started a career in short films. Her beauty, expressions and performance skills gained many followers and well-wishers. Many short film directors realized the importance of an actress after watching the roles she has essayed.

Misunderstandings, Premalo Anukokunda, Love Logic Less, A Lovely Hour, Girls, Inkenti and Saradaga are the short films she acted in. She was also seen in the short film it’s a Girl Issue. Jenny was seen in video song albums Anu Anuvantha and Preminchaane which went viral on YouTube.

Jenny Honey is currently waiting for the release of her latest short film Prayanam, which happens to be the 100th short film of MR.Productions. “The last day of my Prayanam shoot is the day I started my Feature film project” says Jenny and usually actors keep a full stop for short films, independent films after grabbing a feature film opportunity but this is not the case with Jenny. “Short Films brought me recognition and yes, I wanted to grow in my career but I’ll always make time for Short Films.” says Jenny, signing off.
- Rayarao Sriram-

The Besties And Baddies In The Year 2014

Tuesday 30 December 2014 / 1 Comment
2014 has come to an end and almost 193 straight films and 82 dubbing films released this year. The success rate of our Telugu film industry is always less and the tradition continued for 2014 too. We don’t have films like Queen, Mary Kom, Haider (Bollywood) or Malayalam films like Banglore Days, How Old Are You and Tamil films like Jigarthanda, Madras. But we have our own formulaic films. We are ready to grab the remake rights of all the super hits in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have good films but we find them very rare in our industry. Out of 193 straight films, more than half are made following a similar format. So, we lack uniqueness in content and it results in failures.

The year started with the most awaited psychological thriller drama 1-Nenokkadine starring Superstar Mahesh babu and Kriti Sanon directed by Sukumar. The film is considered as a flop but Mahesh gained a lot of respect by attempting this film and 1-Nenokkadine is a path breaking film. One of the most discussed topics in Social media is 1-Nenokkadine and Mahesh babu performance in this film is like never before and never again. Unfortunately, the film ended up resulting losses to producers. With a day gap, Yevadu released and stood as Sankranthi winner. After several postponements, Yevadu hit the theatres and being a commercial mass entertainer the audience easily connected to it and Yevadu is the first hit in 2014.

Nithiin starrer Heart Attack is an above average flick which boosted the career of Puri Jagannadh who is in flops. The year 2014 has been lucky for many small budgeted films. Many small films with good content did well at the box office and also received critical appreciations. Chandamama Kathalu directed by Praveen Sattaru is one good film which tried to show the real essence of life. Pratinidhi directed by Prashanth Mandava also stood as a different film. The film is greatly appreciated by critics. Actor Srinivas Avasarala made his debut as a director with a heart-warming story Oohalu Gusagusalade. The film is a super hit and brought profits to the producer Sai Korrapati. OGG stood as a successful romantic entertainer of the year. Paatashala which released in the second half of the year also impressed. Rowdy Fellow starring Nara Rohith under Krishna Chaitanya direction is also a decent film that has some different content.

The biggest blockbuster of 2014 comes in the form of Race Gurram which has Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Shruthi Hassan in the lead roles. Race Gurram is a team effort and though the film is made on a routine commercial format, the director has taken care that there are no repeated scenes, rotten and artificial comedy and unnecessary punch liners. The music composed by Thaman is impressive and Race Gurram is the winner of 2014. The much delayed and highly anticipated Auto Nagar Surya failed at the box office.

2014 is also a great year for the senior heroes of Tollywood. Nandamuri Balakrishna got a huge relief with the Super Hit Legend directed by Boyapati Srinu. Recently, the film completed 275 days. Balayya babu also entered Assembly as MLA and this year brought happiness for him in both Films and Politics. Victory Venkatesh, who is the successful remake hero, scored another hit with the remake of Malayalam film Drushyam. 
The film is also titled as Drishyam in Telugu. Made with a low budget, the film collected double the investment. Akkineni family is very happy with the success of Manam which stars the three generations. The film is a grand tribute to late ANR. Balakrishna, Venkatesh and Nagarjuna are the happiest persons in 2014 with super hits in their account. 
Megastar Chiranjeevi announced his comeback into films this year and fans are eagerly waiting for it. Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja also scored a hit with Power this year. His confidence levels were increased with the success of Power and he is actively taking part in Kick 2 shoot now. Senior director SV Krishna reddy made sequel for his super hit Yamaleela and failed to impress. Yamaleela 2 is a flop at the box office. Senior director Dasari Narayana Rao acted and directed Erra Bus which is a remake of Malayalam film Manjapai. The film received flop talk from the first day and it also joined the failure list.

Sharwanand scored a biggest hit in his career with the film Run Raja Run directed by Sujeeth. The film entertained all kinds of audiences and is a big relief in the second half of the year. Kona Venkat attempted a horror comedy film Geethanjali and became successful. Geethanjali collected huge revenues and ended up as a profitable venture. With this inspiration many films released as horror comedy and a few succeeded to survive. Boochamma Boochadu is one among these which collected profits. Allari Naresh is disappointed with 2014 as his Laddu Babu is a failure but his film Brother of Bommali is a relief which ended up with above average talk. Sai Dharam Tej’s debut Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham is a profitable venture where the film got above average talk and impressed the audience. At the end, the films like Undile Manchi Kaalam Mundu Munduna and Sahebha Subrahmanyam tried to impress to some extent.

The biggest flop of 2014 is Aagadu. The film which was expected to turn out as a blockbuster resulted in a flop. Superstar Mahesh Babu and Tamannah acted in lead roles and Srinu Vaitla is the director. Following the similar commercial format and having similarities with Dookudu made the fans and movie lovers angry. Aagadu is an eye opener for Mahesh babu and Srinu Vaitla and indirectly it also passed wake up calls for many writers and director who are deceiving and still trying to deceive audience with a single formula of film making. Somehow, the audience started to oppose these kinds of routine films. It all started with Aagadu. If Srinu Vaitla has to be blamed, Mahesh also deserve to be blamed because he is the superstar who accepted the story and there is a shot where Mahesh jumps in between a moving train which is never seen in any of his films in his career. There is a proud saying for fans that till date no two films of Mahesh is same and the full stop for the statement came in the form of Aagadu. The same is the case with Jr.NTR. Heroes like Ram Charan are capable of delivering hits with average and routine content but in the case of NTR, it is not happening. His two previous films Ramayya Vasthavayya and Rabhasa are considered as flops. 
NTR tasted failure with Rabhasa in 2014. The audience opposed both the films and 2014 is unlucky for NTR. May be audience are serious about experiencing a change in the story selection of NTR because they knew that it is possible which is impossible in the case of other heroes who are confined to a fixed format. 
Ram Charan tried a new genre with Govindudu Andarivadele and Krishna Vamshi is the director of the film. Though the film received well, it failed to bring profits and the distributors encountered losses in some areas. Gopichand scored a biggest hit in his career with the film Loukyam. Though the film was made in a routine commercial format, the screenplay and healthy entertainment quotient saved the film. It is one of the profitable ventures in this year.

Oka Laila Kosam made Naga Chaitanya feel relieved. After the super success of Manam, Chaitu came with Oka Laila Kosam and the film is an average flick. The last phase of 2014 has experienced many small films with rich and unique content. 
Karthikeya is the first among those which has boosted the career of Nikhil and also collected huge profits. After Karthikeya, Ala Ela is one film which is still running in theatres successfully. A healthy comedy never disappoints and with this principle the makers of Ala Ela tasted success and gearing up for the sequel of their film. The End is one notable hit in the year 2014. The film made by a young talented team collected profits and also gained critical acclaims. Mukunda and Chinnadana Nee Kosam are the two films that released in the final week of2014. Mukunda marks the debut of Varun Tej and the film is running with average talk. Being a family entertainer is advantage for this film. Chinnadana Nee Kosam completely failed to present Karunakaran’s magic and the film made many feel thumbs down.

There are very few dubbing films which succeeded and Raja rani is the first one among them. With the concept “There is Love after Love failure and there is Life after Love Failure” the newcomer Atlee Kumar has cleverly presented a sensitive topic in a brilliant manner. Bhadram is a detective thriller which impressed us. Vikrama Simha starring animated Rajinikanth and the much hyped Sikander failed at the box office. The Vishal starrer Indrudu managed to deliver profits. The concept of Narcolepsy was incorporated into the story in an interesting way and the result is a success. Vishal and Shruthi Hassan starrer Pooja also ended up as a hit. Finally the biggest disappointment came in the form of Lingaa. The film resulted losses in many areas.

Every year, after the announcement of National awards, several people say that Telugu films were not treated well. Do we treat them well? The films like Minugurulu and Na Bangaru Thalli released in 2014. These films survived a death during theatrical release times by not getting sufficient number of theatres. But today Na Bangaru Thalli is awarded with three national awards and Minugurulu also received critical acclaims. We feel that we are not getting proper recognition at National and International level but in reality, we are habituated to the routine commercial format films and we encourage them by allocating maximum number of theatres. 
Films like Na Bangaru Thalli and Minugurulu though have a limited release; people skipped them for various reasons. On a personal note, Na Bangaru Thalli is a very good film which deserves the awards but none of the actors is familiar to Telugu audience. It lack Telugu nativity and we get an impression of watching a dubbing film. But anyhow, thanks to the makers of both the films! Films like DK Bose, Rey, Jenda Pai Kapiraju, and Intinta Annamayya are yet to release and no one knew about the release dates. 2014 is also a huge disappointment for Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas fans.

And there is a film called Hrudaya Kaleyam which released in the year 2014. The only film which went on for a second release in the year made profits. The makers say that the main purpose of the film is to entertain and the purpose was served by casting a person who does not have any hero material. The social media and movie lovers stood as a great support for this film before the release and the film was projected and promoted well on Facebook. After the release of the film there are more people who hated the film. Genuinely, those who are praising the film in public are those who don’t like it much. The film ran well only in some areas and in majority of areas there are hardly 20 people per day in theatres. The bottom line of the story is accepting films like this will pave a way for some more but the road will never open for content based films like Banglore Days, Jigarthanda, and Queen etc.

P.S. : This analysis was made basing on the personal opinion of author along with considering the opinions on social media and also basing on Box-office numbers. Apologizes for mistakes!