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Interview Of Anirudh Thotapalli

Anirudh Thotapalli, a noted short film actor has turned a feature film actor with the film Kirak which is releasing tomorrow. He has given an exclusive interview to ManaBoxOffice and spoke many things. Have a look!
Interview By : Rayarao Sri Ram

Sri Ram : Your first SHORT FILM to your first FEATURE FILM. How do you feel about this journey?
Anirudh : This is an unexpected journey. I started short films as a hobby and I never thought I would get into this. I have started my short films career unexpectedly. It was working as a stress buster for me in weekends after a week long hectic schedule. I never thought that I would do a feature film.
Sri Ram : How did KIRAAK start? How did you get the opportunity?
Anirudh : Many directors have approached me after Nau Do Gyarah and Pawan Kalyan Premalo Padadu short films but I hesitated to go ahead thinking I may not manage well both my job and films. But after listening to the story of Kiraak I felt it to be very interesting and it was a less time consuming project, So I immediately accepted it as it was only for 2 months. We have wrapped up the shoot in just 40days.
Sri Ram : What is KIRAAK all about? A love story or A thriller?
Anirudh : Kiraak is a thriller which has a love story running in the background. This is one of the reasons why I accepted as it was an interesting concept.
Sri Ram : Any special story behind this title KIRAAK?
Anirudh : We got the title Kiraak registered before the release of Atharintiki Daredi and after the release of the movie, the song Kiraak being a huge hit added as an advantage and we decided strongly on Kiraak.
Sri Ram : We heard that you are a Powerstar fan and the heroine is Superstar Mahesh Babu fan in the film and it will be a romantic entertainer. But the theatrical trailer has thrilling elements. Any surprises in the film?
Anirudh : Yes, the trailer gives you an opinion of a serious kind of film. The film has an interesting love story too.
Sri Ram : Tell us about your role in the film.
Anirudh : I am playing a role of common college going guy and my characters name is Rakesh.
Sri Ram :  Tell us about your director.
Anirudh : Our director Harik Devabakthuni completed a direction course at Armstrong and after that he worked with JD Chkravarthi as assistant director. Later on he along with his friend developed this story.Though it is his first film he completed it very neatly and quickly with a great command on production and making.
Sri Ram :  Tell us your working experiences with senior actors like Kasi Viswanath Garu, Posani Krishna Murali Garu and others.
Anirudh :It was a great experience working with Posani garu, Kasi Viswanath garu and Vennela Kishore garu. Initially i was pretty scared working with them but KasiViswanth has seen this fear of mine then came to me and encouraged me saying that there is nothing to be afraid of and asked me to overcome the fear.
Sri Ram : You are Pawan Kalyan for short film industry. What do you feel when you listen this from someone. You resemble him in every manner. Is this imitation? Is this following? What is your take.?
Anirudh :I never tried imitating Pawan Kalyan garu. May be because i am his fan, i keep watching his films many a times or may be my hair style, height and body language somewhere have influenced my acting but it was never intentional.
Sri Ram :  Your film is related with two top heroes of TFI. What do you personally feel about Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan?
Anirudh : Since my childhood i watch both Mahesh Babu’s and Pawan Kalyan’s movies, I am a big fan of both. After reading their interviews somehow respect towards them has grown. Both of them never ask audiences to watch their movie by boosting their performance. They both are simple and quite. They just complete their work and leave.
I like Pawan’s Straight forwardness and Simplicity.
I like Mahesh’s Sense of humor.
Sri Ram : Why did you miss August 29th?
Anirudh : Kiraak was actually slated for a release on August 29th but we faced a bit problem in getting theatres because of Rabhasa release. As Power postponed, we have brought our film before and we are happy that we have got some good theatres now.
Sri Ram :  You started with short films and slowly reached to this stage and you are a live example for everyone. What do you say to your fellow short film makers. What is that you need to have to get to this stage?
Anirudh : I think I am very lucky to stand in this position. There are many talented short film makers and after seeing all of them I sometimes question myself saying “Do I deserve this or not?”. But one thing is for sure, if people love what they are doing they are on the way to their success.
Sri Ram : What is your opinion on short films releasing these days?
Anirudh : I never expected likes and shares for my short films as i believe short films should be used as a demo of your work and I tell this to everyone. These days I see that people are commercializing short films but they will not fetch anything out of that.There are very good short film makers who are working very hard for a break.
Sri Ram :  Tell us about the support from your parents, friends especially social networking friends?
Anirudh : Facebook is my biggest strength and my Facebook friends supported me a lot. My family also encouraged me a lot and because of them only, I have successfully managed the things.
Sri Ram :  Tell us about your future plans.
Anirudh : I did not decide anything about my future projects yet, as I am still waiting to see the response of audiences. I had never been to any training schools. I started it as a hobby but now I decided to take up acting as a serious career for myself  but only after assessing my performance on silver screen. There are many people who come into this field but not all of them sustain. So, if i feel that i can survive here well the moment I will leave my job and get into acting seriously. Now all eyes are towards audience response.
Sri Ram : Final words about Kiraak.
Anirudh : Kiraak is a good movie which involves the hard work of many talented people. We have made the film interesting with the trailers and audio. Please watch the film and Bless us.!

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