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Hey all! I am Rayarao Sriram, born on March 27th 1995. I believe God has sent me to this world to explore things in a different way. He wants me to stay unique unlike others. I am an Indian. Born in Khammam, Telangana state. I am pursuing B.TECH at Khammam Institute of Technology & Sciences and I have chosen Electronics & Communications [E.C.E] not out of my interest but because of some other reasons. Basically I hate studying Text Books. As my interest lies somewhere else, I want to become a Film Director. I think I am confident in trying with Story writing. I want to prove myself  as a director one day. As my passion and zeal is to become a Movie Director, it sounds very new to my family members. My interest in writing began in fifth standard and it took a new turn in eighth standard when I first time met my friends Talluri Lokesh and Poluri Rohit. They made me realize who the hell Rayarao Sriram is! My interest slowly turned into passion and it gradually made me hate the traditional Indian Education System which does not provide any freedom in learning and so, I hate doing Engineering and expressed the same to my parents.

Guess what happened now? Yeh India Hai Boss!!! They are ready to accept my decision if and only if I have my BTECH certificate in my hand. I was left with no option and but to choose Engineering. I hate studying Text Books even in exams time! So one fine day I was bored with MYSELF and asked myself “Arey, Why are you wasting time? Don’t you think that you are capable enough to earn a single penny to show the world that you are serious into films and writing?” I started thinking and started exploring opportunities that helps me to prove myself. It’s on July 4th, 2013 I found an answer and I got an opportunity! I started working as a content writer and slowly started writing Telugu Film Reviews for and I received my first salary on August 11th, and that’s my Dad’s birthday month!! The proud ME came out of myself. I started feeling proud that I am earning but I was afraid, What if my Boss asks me to stop writing? Luckily, I was offered to work for and also and I enjoy my work. This made me a busy person in researching the things related film industry and also my life made me learn many new lessons during work time. I always knew that choosing a career in films is a danger! As one doesn’t have any security and no clue about financial support. The review writing made me strong and I have learnt a lot more about writing. It also changed my style of writing and then I decided to go for Mass Communications once I finish my Engineering. Now my aim is to become a Proud Journalist with a Mass Communications Certificate in Hand. It needs time! What shall I do now? Write more!? Gain experience! Build contacts!? I am doing the same now!!
I am currently working for one of the top five Tollywood Online News Portals and worked for which is maintained by two passionate people like ME. I love travelling but don’t ask me where did you have been? My answer is I did not get chance to travel much! And I am of course, a Movie Buff. I try to watch more Tamil and Malayalam films as I feel that those film makers don’t add any extra attractions to pull crowds to theatres. There, I feel things are portrayed naturally with a realistic approach which lacks in our tollywood. I think we spend a lot on a subject which doesn’t have any value and failing to bring out valuable content from many aspiring writers! I don’t say that it’s because of lack of opportunities with my personal experiences; I say it’s because of lack of using resources! May be’!!

Cinema has had a huge influence on me, earlier it was my interest, passion, but now interest and it’s my career and it might turn into profession soon with God’s grace.

The new trend is Short films. I also tried my best in making short films and also experienced many Short Film Kashtalu. Personally, I have travelled with many short film makers in  one year journey with  telugumoviesnow and I have now come to a conclusion that 8 out of 10 short film makers are trying to adopt Commercial formulas to their short films like that of feature films and making everything adulterated and artificial. A few short film makers think that they are ruling the unofficial and unnamed Short Film Industry and they are still trying with short films but are failing to prove with a biggie! And for me Apart from these I don’t have any other world. I believe that Life is Cinema and God is the best screenplay writer. And Cinema is Life.

Currently I own a website started with my two good friends Dileep & Umakar.

And my life has thought me in learning many things. There are many bitter experiences and there are many things I regret. Month of June 2014 has made me much stronger in the media field. It was lean phase of my career where I was struggling for my survival and finally came out with this blog to share my views in a unique way with my own approach. I strongly believe in Destiny and the bottom line of my story is

“Cinema Is My Career, Passion, and Profession!!”

P.S.: Forgive me if I have committed any mistakes in the above description of the proud ME and do let me know your ideas too!

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Rayarao Sriram

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