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Nithiin's Chinnadana Nee Kosam Review

Read my complete review @ @ @ Chinnadana Nee Kosam Review

My complete review of CNK ------>>>> Chinnadana Nee Kosam Review

CNK is the last film that is releasing this year. Chinnadana Nee Kosam released amidst many expectations and many wished that Nithiin will continue his success form. The movie is a romantic comedy entertainer directed by Karunakaran who delivered hits like Tholiprema, Darling. Nithiin is looking very stylish in this film and he started concentrating on rom-com movies from Ishq. In this process, he is neglecting the content and choosing half-baked subjects.

Karunakaran is considered as a Love Story specialist in the film industry. His love stories are very poetic. But he has lost all his ability and fell into a formulaic zone. If we observe his films, the common point in every film is that hero who does nothing in life falls for a girl and follows her to impress her. Later he realizes that the heroine has a story and he helps out her from all the problems. He designs a love story in between. In fact, not every time he was successful.

Karunakaran should stop for a moment and should retrospect himself and should come up with a decent romantic entertainer. He followed his sentiment of introducing the heroine in white dress but failed to follow the uniqueness in the subject. The dialogue writer Harshavardhan has penned some good dialogues but collectively the writing department failed to build a proper script. There are several loose ends in the script. Somehow, Karunakaran was also injected the gay comedy which failed to bring the laughs. The cinematography by Andrew is a plus point for the film. The editor could have chopped the film in the second half. The songs of the film are not impressive. The title song is nice and very well choreographed. The songs come in to disturb the flow of the film. Anup Rubens failed to give his best with this film.

Nithiin is good in the film and performed well but the debut girl Mishti Chakravarthy failed to fit for the heroine role. She is performing well and her looks are good. She is not the correct choice for the heroine role and a known face might serve the purpose. There are some senior actors in the film who were not utilized completely. Some scenes were written very well and some are really irritating. The first half of the film is good with some decent entertaining stuff but still it doesn’t satisfy us. The second half completely failed to impress. You will not understand what the director is trying to tell and literally the film tests our patience. The climax is hurry and loosely written. It fails to convince the viewers.

Nithiin is back to success form after 13 flops and he must be very careful now because he might fell into danger zone if he is not particular about good subjects. It was very clear that Nithiin is banking on Powerstar Pawan Kalyan name in one or the other way in all his films. It will not help him to have a successful run. He should realize at least for now that a good and properly baked subject will give him success and not the name of any star hero because the usage of Powerstar name is very high. In most of the scenes, we get an impression that Nithiin trying to imitate Pawan Kalyan and the dance moments in the title song also resembles the dance moments of Bapu Gari Bomma. We hope that Nithiin start concentrating on good stories and wish that Karunakaran will be back with a unique content next time.

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